Lambda Chi Alpha (Zeta-Theta) Newly Elected Officers

Domenic Marteni
ΖΘ 1243
Domenic Marteni – High Alpha

High Alpha is the president of the chapter. He has the power to call meetings when needed to discuss chapter related needs.
Not only does the High Alpha presides over the meetings he makes sure that all officer duties are done in a efficient manner.

J.T Pitner
ΖΘ 1240
J.T Pitner – High Beta

High Beta is the vice president of the chapter. The vice president shall assist the president in his duties. As High Beta he is in charge of the brotherhood events.
In the case of absence or disability of the president he shall succeed his powers and duties.

Harrison House
Harrison House – High Theta

High Theta is external vice president. He oversees public relations and community service events.
Since High Theta is in charge of community affairs he over sees all philanthropy events for North American Food Drive.

Eric Etter
ΖΘ 1247
Eric Etter – High Gamma

As High Gamma you act as the secretary of the chapter. The duties include keeping accurate minutes of every chapter meeting, and files these
minutes accordingly. The high Gamma handles general chapter correspondence between the universities offices and officials.

Jay Murphy
ΖΘ 1267
Jay Murphy – High Tau

High Tau is responsible for being the treasure of the chapter. As high Tau he collects all dues for the local and general fraternity.
At the start of each year he prepares the annual budgets for the chapter.

Heath Brown
ΖΘ 1260
Heath Brown – High Iota

High Iota is the risk manager for the chapter. He manages the daily risk of the chapter, and makes sure that the chapter is in compliance with all Lambda Chi Alpha’s Policies.
High Iota is also the correspondence between the chapter and the campus police.

Jonathan Hawkins
ΖΘ 1256
Jonathan Hawkins – High Kappa

High Kappa is the fraternity educator for the chapter. He over sees the spiritual and physical growth of the fraternity.
Not only is he the spiritual and physical connection to the fraternity, but also the connection between new members and actives.

Hollis Whitehead
Hollis Whitehead – High Delta

High Delta is the recruitment chairman for the chapter year round. He educates brothers and associate members on effective recruitment.
The High Delta also brings up candidates for association to the chapter for a vote.

James Gruber
ΖΘ 1252
James Gruber – High Phi

High Phi is the ritualist of the chapter.

Jacob Jordan
Jacob Jordan – High Sigma

High Sigma is the scholarship chairman of the chapter. He over sees the grades of each associate member and active brother of the chapter.
As High Sigma he turns in grades to International Headquarters and develops educational programs.

Taylor Clay
ΖΘ 1245
Taylor Clay – High Epsilon

High Epsilon is the social chair for the chapter. He organizes events with other fraternities and sororities for joint parties.
He also works with the High Delta and High Iota to make sure that the events actively involves rushees when possible, and the events
follow chapter risk management polices.

Camilo Zapata
ΖΘ 1270
Camilo Zapata – High Rho

High Rho is the alumni secretary of the chapter. He plans all alumni and brother events during the year.
As High Rho he keeps the alumni up to date on what the chapter is doing.

Corey Galbraith
ΖΘ 1244
Corey Galbraith – Inner Circle Steward

Over sees the Inner Circle program.

Ryan Badgley
ΖΘ 1254
Ryan Badgley – Standards Chair

The Standards Chair is a position that meets with all the officers, and reviews how they are doing in their job.

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