2017 Newly Elected High Zeta

Congrats to the newly elected 2017 High Zeta! We’re very proud of the hard work these men have put into getting to where they’re at now. Hope to see a bright future as they take on their new positions.

High Alpha (President) – Bobby Prince

High Beta (Vice President Internal) – Jake Kolar

High Theta (Vice President External) – Danny Tran

High Gamma (Secretary) – Nick Yates

High Tau (Treasurer) – Totifer Cuervo

High Iota (Risk Management) – Dalton Fulcher

High Kappa (Fraternity Educator) – Blake Stayton

High Delta (Recruitment) – Andrew Mok

High Phi (Ritualist) – Hunter Clay

High Sigma (Scholar) – Zach Taylor

High Epsilon (Social) – Mitch King

High Rho (Alumni Relations) – Larry Crum

EC at Large – Matthew Tippit and Blake Stayton

Alternate – Tyler Baker


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