We have seven set of values that we hold as Lambda Chi’s Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Service and Stewardship, Honor, Integrity, and personal courage. All the core values together spell the word LEADERSHIP, and the members live out these values not to only become leaders in their communities, and organizations, but also turn men into better men. It was developed in 2007 to provide the fraternity with a moral compass.

Lambda Chi Core VlauesLoyalty

Dedication to Lambda Chi Alpha, your chapter, and your brothers. Holding up the values of the fraternity and your obligations as a member.


Fulfilling all your obligations to the fraternity and to other organization or person that you have obligations too.


Treating people how they should be treated. Not only people but respecting your and other peoples property.

Service and Stewardship

Putting the welfare of  others including Lambda Chi Alpha, the chapter, and your brothers before your own.


Living out the seven core values through out your life, and being an honorable person.


Doing what is right all the time. Carrying out what you have committed to do even though no one is watching.

Personal Courage

Facing your fears, danger, or adversity