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Congratulations on your decision to attend The University of Memphis! The next few years of your life will be exciting, challenging and extremely rewarding.  One of the best ways to enhance your college/university experience is to explore the opportunities offered by membership in a national fraternity.

Lambda Chi Alpha has been a leader among fraternal organizations at The University of Memphis for over 60 years. Founded nationally in 1909 by the vision of one man, Lambda Chi Alpha is the youngest of the fifteen largest social fraternities. Do not let our youth mislead you, however. At over 250,000 initiated brothers worldwide, ΛΧΑ has initiated the fourth highest number of men among collegiate fraternities. The Zeta Theta Chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha is excited about the things we are accomplishing and the type of men we are molding.


Recent accomplishments include:

  • Chapter of the Year – 2013
  • President Laurel Wreath Award – 2013
  • Hosting ΛΧA National Leadership Convention – Summer 2013
  • Lifeblood Newcomer of the Year – 2013
  • Campus Involvement Award – 2012
  • Highest Fraternity GPA – Fall 2007, 2010
  • Homecoming Champions (Fall 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007,2010)

Lambda Chi Alpha is excited to meet new potential brothers and give you an opportunity to explore Greek life. Our chapter will be hosting several events this summer which will allow you an opportunity to learn about ΛΧΑ in a relaxed, fun, and alcohol-free environment. If you are interested in attending any of our summer events, please contact Hunter Clay at hclay1@memphis.edu or use the contact form below.

We who know the true meaning of brotherhood must practice it.

The fraternal world’s most powerful journey

begins here … and lasts for life.

Lambda Chi Coat of ArmsThrough such commanding projects as the Associate Member Orientation, the True Brotherhood Initiative, the Big Brother Program, the annual Leadership Seminar, and the Joseph T. Charles Mentor Leadership Program, Lambda Chi Alpha is the leader in the fraternal world for personal development.

Are You Ready?

Founded in 1909 by the vision of one man, Lambda Chi Alpha is the youngest of the fifteen largest social fraternities. Do not let our youth mislead you.  At over 250,000 initiated brothers worldwide, Lambda Chi has initiated the fourth highest number of men in the history of the fraternal world.  Within the span of four years or less, Lambda Chi Alpha provides you the opportunity to develop lifelong friendships, the responsibilities in managing the affairs of both your chapter and the General Fraternity, the chance to develop your leadership talents and gain experience, and the help needed to expand your mind and to provide a favorable atmosphere for academic achievement.

Through your involvement, you will gain self-confidence, a sharpened sense of human relations, and a mature sense of justice.  Fraternity is as natural an institution as is the family.  Lambda Chi Alpha serves to compliment higher education and provide its members a place to belong.  The “miracle” of the Fraternity is a continuing, enduring, and richly rewarding experience shared by more than 250,000 men who have similar ideals and beliefs as you do.  Like the countless generations of brothers before you, you share the same obligations and benefits of membership that will endure many generations to come.

Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity has been a leader at The University of Memphis (UM) for over 60 years.  Since 1948, the men of Lambda Chi at the UM have been actively seeking out the best and brightest men on campus to continue the proud traditions of the Fraternity.  Other than a minimum GPA of 2.75 at UM, the requirements for membership are a strong sense of academic, moral, and self-responsibility. Membership in Lambda Chi Alpha means an experience like no other in your college life.  We strive to make the most of our stays at UM through our commitment to academics, social and service activities outside the classroom, leadership opportunities, athletic competition, and sharing friendship and networking with over 1,100 Active and Alumni Mid-South brothers who are friends for life.

Life presents you with many OPPORTUNITIES.  Opportunities to LEAD.  Opportunities to FOLLOW.  Opportunities to LAUGH.  Opportunities to MAKE MISTAKES.  Opportunities to LEARN FROM THOSE MISTAKES.  Opportunities to CHOOSE THE FRIENDS YOU’LL KEEP, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.  These opportunities are FEW and you can NEVER get them back ….. SO TAKE THEM WHILE YOU CAN.  Don’t Wait!